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Is your Brand protected on Amazon? Brand Registry is the answer!

Protecting your brand on Amazon must be one of your biggest priorities.

If you're not careful, third-party sellers and competitors can do a lot of damage to your business, Amazon account and more importantly your brand.

This is why, if you're a brand you should take Brand Registry extremely seriously. It’s going to offer you more security while also creating a better brand experience for your customers.

We're going to cover 3 main topics:

  • What is Brand Registry?

  • Top 4 Benefits of Brand Registry?

What is Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry helps you protect your intellectual property (IP), manage the accuracy of your listings and grow your business, regardless of whether you sell on Amazon or not – for free. It also allows brand access to access to a wide range of advanced tools to improve their business, protect their brand, and deliver better customer experiences.

Brand Protection:

Amazon Brand Registry comes with all the tools to protect your online store. It comes with accurate listings for your product pages, removes suspected infringement of your brand, and allows you to report any perceived violations.

Improve customer experience

Better manage content and photos on detail pages for your products to help ensure that your customers see accurate information. You can combine your information with Amazon's automated protections and machine learning to prevent inaccurate updates.

Monitor your progress

Keep an eye on key stats related to your brand’s protection – both Amazon’s efforts and yours – in real-time across all Amazon stores. You can also monitor the status and impact of infringement notices that you have submitted.

Top 4 Benefits of Brand Registry.

1. Complete Protection of brand listings

You have the ultimate control over your brand listings. This includes the ability to prevent others from copying, selling, or distributing your products without permission. As many know, a massive problem on Amazon are the number of people who sell counterfeit products and the only way that Amazon allows you to combat this is through Brand registry. Brand Registry blocks any sellers from trying to use your brand's intellectual property, so you still protect your brand’s image.

2. In-depth brand analytics

With Amazon Brand Registry’s advanced analytics feature, you get access to data on customer searches and the buying behaviour of your target customers. You’ll be able to instantly identify which products are working the best with your audience, what search terms your audience is frequently typing in, and key demographics.

This in-depth data will help with making key marketing decisions that are likely to save money as you will know your customers.

3. Access to Amazon's A+ content

The A+ content manager is one of the best features that stand out in the brand registry ecosystem. This tool allows businesses to store high-quality content about their products, which can be used to promote them in a better way on Amazon.

Apart from promoting your products through quality content, another advantage of using the A+ Content Manager is that it can help you build word-of-mouth marketing for your business. By creating great content about your products and sharing it with customers online, you can help them become loyal buyers who will tell others about your business.

4. Advanced advertising options

There are a number of advanced advertising options that Amazon offers its customers. These include using ads to target specific demographics, reaching out to potential buyers through Sponsored Products and Ads, and even bidding on ad space.

Each of these methods can be used in different ways to reach your audience more effectively. For example, targeted demographic ads can help you reach people who are likely to buy the product you're selling. Sponsored Products and Ads allow you to place ads directly in front of potential buyers, increasing the chances they'll click on them and learn more about your product. And finally, bidding on ad space allows you to set a maximum bid for how much you want to spend on an ad campaign.

To conclude, Brand Registry is a good way to preserve your brand’s identity while selling on Amazon and ensure that it doesn’t get stolen by someone else.

In case you have not registered your brand yet, get in touch with our experts here at FRSH Retail. We can guide you through all the steps of registering!

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