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4 Amazon SEO Best Practises

1. Conduct keyword research

Keyword research is probably the most vital part of Amazon SEO. Keywords are the drivinging force that make your Amazon listings appear in the right search results. It’s essential that you do keyword research specifically for Amazon search terms because customers search differently on Amazon than your everyday search engines like Google.

We've used almost every software on the market, but for Amazon-specific keyword research we use Helium 10 as we find its the most user friendly and gives the best results at an affordable price. Alternatively, a free method we suggest when you're starting out is to type your main keywords into Amazon’s search bar and see what comes up on autofill.

Regardless, you need to use tools that will assist you in finding keywords that are most relevant to your product listings. The most relevant keywords should be the main focus on your listing, so if you want to help your products rank better in the Amazon search results, you need to start by choosing the right keywords.

2. Optimise product titles

When you list products on Amazon, it’s vital that you optimise the product titles. Titles are one of the first things your customers see when searching for a product. Customers will decide whether they want to click on your product listing dependant on if your title is compelling enough.

Your title is your way of describing your product before the customer reads the actual description. It has a massive impact on your listing’s performance, so it’s important that you optimise it effectively to ensure that your page ranks properly in the search results.

When you create your title, make sure you integrate your most important keywords in there too. It will help your listing appear in the most relevant search results and hopefully at the top of the search.

The title format is also important as you need to prioritise the most vital information at the start of the title. For example, customers using the Amazon mobile app, will not see the full title, so the first few words are very important.

3. Add high-quality images

After your product title, the images you choose play an important role in getting your customers to click on your product listings. In fact, it's said that over 50% of Amazon customers skip past products when they don't like the main image. So if you want to get customers interested in your products, it’s best to use high-quality images.

When shopping on Amazon, you are able to zoom into products to get a closer look. This is very important to customers today as it’s the closest thing to really analysing a products quality without it being placed in front of them.

It’s vital to use images from different angles as well a your customers wants to see all aspects of your product. By using high-quality photos from a number of angles, you’ll earn more conversions for your brand.

4. Optimise your listing information

As a best practice, you’ll also want to optimise the information you include in your product listing. Your listing information helps you rank in the right search results, and it helps you nudge leads closer to conversion.

You’ll want to include your most relevant keywords in your listing information to ensure that you appear in the right search results. Optimise your description for your top keywords so that you appear in multiple relevant keyword searches.

Optimize your product listings with FRSH Retail

If you want to rank at the top of Amazon search results and increase your sales, SEO for Amazon is vital!

At FRSH Retail, we are experts at optimising your Amazon listings to create better results. We have more than 10 years experience launching and scaling brands on Amazon. Our team of experts will help you optimise your Amazon SEO listings to reach more customers.

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