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Just a few ways that Sellerboard Helps Amazon Sellers

Updated: May 24, 2022

We’ve made a quick and convenient rundown of how the sellerboard app will help you to run your Amazon business.


Sellerboard's most robust feature is its Profitability Analytics Dashboard. Sellerboard will help you know your numbers by tracking lots and lots of data.

Every seller could benefit from having more accurate knowledge of their profitability. And because sellerboard tracks so much data, you can use their Profitability Analytics Dashboard tool to get a really exact look at your numbers. You can open up sellerboard, glance at your Dashboard, and get a pretty decent picture of how your Amazon FBA business is doing.

Most of sellerboard's data is pulled directly from Amazon. That means you don't have to do anything – it's synced automatically once your account is set up. This includes information like:

  • Number of orders (and what items were ordered)

  • Amazon fees (FBA fees, storage fees, FBA inbound fees, MF shipping costs, disposal/removal costs, subscription fees, etc)

  • Refunds

  • Reimbursements

  • Advertising/PPC costs

But for sellerboard to provide even more valuable information about the financial health of your business, you'll need to enter some information manually:

  • Cost of Goods (your purchase price for each item in your inventory)

  • Expenses (things like accounting software, supplies, education expenses, listing software, etc)

You can enter your Cost of Goods manually for each item or you can download their bulk import template to import all of your costs at once.

Once sellerboard can see all of Amazon's data plus your expenses, they can return information like Cost of Good Sold, Gross Profit, Net Profit, ROI, and Profit Margins.

You can look at this data for the current day, current month, previous months, or almost any custom date range. You can also view this information at a per-item level so that you can see which products have the best sales and margins.

As long as you enter your Cost of Goods and Expenses, sellerboard can generate an accurate Profit & Loss statement for your business.


You can easily add and view all of your business expenses in sellerboard's “Expenses” tab. When you add an expense, you can set it up as a Monthly expense (like a software subscription) or a One-Time expense (like buying a course or a new laser printer).

If you have an expense that's specific to one item in your inventory (like maybe a small box for packing up a coffee mug), you can even assign an expense to a particular ASIN.

sellerboard will take any of your entered expenses into account when generating your Net Profit in any of their reports.


You can also use sellerboard to monitor your inventory levels and get notified when you should ship more inventory to an Amazon Fulfilment Center.

Sellerboard will estimate the number of days' stock remaining at Amazon warehouses. Then it alerts you with a simple Yes/No when you're running out of stock. If you've entered your costs already, then this section will also display a product's ROI (which will help you decide if it's even worth reordering!).

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